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We grow and sell fresh American blueberries. We offer fruit in both organic and conventional standard. We sell our fruit from the beginning of July to the end of October.

From September to October we can offer fruit from our ULO store. Recently we have extended our offer by frozen fruit.

We pack and send our product according to the requierements of our customers. We pack the raw product into 125, 150, 200, 225 and 300g punnets which are sent in 40×30 or 40x60cm boxes on Euro 80×120 or English 100×120 pallets. We can also pack in clamshells if required.

We also do aifreights. We have experience in selling to European as well as SA and Japanese market.

Our product includes: early varieties: Duke, Patriot, Spartan
mid-season varieties: Sunrise, Draper, Brigitta Blue and Ozark Blue
late varieties: Elliot and Aurora.



Reptowo Farm

Reptowo Farm-Organic – set up in 1996 on high peat in the woods at the edge of Goleniowski Forest. Nearby is the Nature and Landscape Protected Complex – Reptowo Peat-bog. Recently the area has become the part of the project Nature 2000, which also includes our farm.

High peat soils are ideal for American blueberries cultivation, as they are very similar to natural environment of Canadian and North American Blueberries. The soil is acidic, rich in natural substances and water which allows the cultivation with a little use of fertilizers. It is not easy farming,however, as it requires the right choice of varieties and involves a constant fight with weeds and control of water level. However, the effort is paid back by a very high yield. This can often reach 20-25tones per 1 hectar of mature plants, while the same planted on other soil have productivity of 8-10 tones on average. Naturally, such good environmental conditions allow organic farming.


Wielichówko Farm

Wielichowko Farm – set up in 2006 near Wielichowko village. The farm is a part of a vast agricultural complex surrounded by forests. There is no intensive agriculataral or industrial activity nearby. The bushes were planted on sandy soils which after years of farming became naturally acidic.The plastic mulch is used to protect plants against weeds and to allow better water retention.Because of sandy soils the subsurface drip irrigation system has been installed on the farm. Since we use fertilizers and soil acidifiers the plants are grown in conventional standard. However, having already wide experienec in ecological plant protection, we do not use any pesticides.

The first blueberries were planted in 2006. We chose varieties that store well, first of all Sunrise, Ozark Blue and Brigitta Blue. At the moment we are adding new varieties such as Draper and Aurora.



The farm has the infrustructure necessary to obtain the end product of high quality:

  • ULO 500-tone capacity coldstore that comprises of 15 coldrooms, 2 rapidcoolers and a 20-tone freezing facility
  • a packaging store
  • a rapid cooler
  • 2 conventional coldstores, that including CA installation with a capacity of 100 tones
  • a packhouse
  • social and office buildings
  • 2 stationary antifrost protection installations
  • Within next years we want to concentrate on building a welfare facility on our new farm and improving our present facilities.


Blueamber is a family owned company that has 30-year experience in cultivation of blueberries. The experience and capital gained over years allowed us to set up the first 40-ha farm in 1996. The excellent soil conditions, which is high peat, faciliated the cultivation in ecological standard. This farm is situated in the forest, far away from intensive agricultural farming and industrial settlements.

Within the yeras that followed the comapny grew by aquiring another 300 ha of land, 60 ha of which was used to set up the second blueberry farm.There the first bushes were planted in 2006 and the farm is maintained in conventional standard.

In 2003 we were certified for Eurepgap (present Globalgap) and now we also have Tesco Nurture, Haccap and the certifiacte of Eco-production.

To protect farms against spring frost we have installed the anitfrost protection system on both of them. We have all necessarry infrastructure such as a packaging store, rapid colling facilities, coldstores and a packhouse. Our recent investment – ULO coldstore with the 500-t capacity allows the longterm storage without losing on fruit quality.

Our aim is to produce the high quality fruit and in order to reach this we have worked out the system of quality picking and packing. Our main customer is the European market, Great Britain being the most important, but we also sell our fruit to more distant markets such as South Africa and Japan.



Blossoming blueberry

Antifreeze protection

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